Interested in working with Lutes Renovations?

Here is a breakdown of the process on how a project is completed:

1. Initial Enquiry

We connect and we listen to you to find out what type of project you are hoping to have completed and how we may be able to help out.

2. On Site Meeting

We come to the home or site of the proposed project and learn as much as we can about what your vision is and what you want to achieve. Topics to discuss at this stage include preliminary scope of work, designer or consultant involvement and initial budget thoughts.

3. Budget Estimate

We will provide a general ballpark of what the costs will be to complete your project based on standard product pricing. From there you can determine if you are ready to proceed to the next steps.

4. Contract Documents / Scope of Work

Once budget has been approved, we will provide you with a legal contracting agreement, which includes a detailed scope of work, payment schedule and estimated timelines and warranty, so that we can proceed with the project.

A financial commitment is required at this stage to move forward. 

5. Design / Drawings

At this stage, should your project require it, we will draft up a design layout for your project. We will work with a designer supplied by Lutes Renovations or selected by the client.

6. Material Selections / Detailed Budget

Once a commitment is in place, we will have our suppliers connect with you to schedule a selections appointments. This will determine the finalized materials and finishes for the project. We then take your selections and put together a final detailed estimated project budget for review and approval.

7. Permits / Material Ordering

Now that the contract has been signed, we will proceed to apply for all necessary permits and approvals, as obtaining these approvals can sometimes be a lengthy process. In the meantime, we will pre-order any long wait-time materials to help keep the project moving.

8. Start Construction

Once we receive the necessary approvals and permits, we can start demolition on your project. This is where the fun begins!

Throughout this entire process, we believe proper communication between the contractor, and client is key to maintaining timelines, details and overall success of the project. We do our best to provide detailed project updates on a routine basis, so the clients always know what is going on and what the next steps will be ahead of time.

We look forward to working with you.