Kitchen –
the heart of any home

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Here at Lutes Renovations, we believe that is true. Small or large, the kitchen is the focal point of the home. Kitchens are the most used room in your home. It is where the meals are created, families gather and friends catch up. Because kitchens are so popular, their design and effectiveness are very important.

basement –
Endless Entertainment

Starting from scratch, or re-doing an existing space, the ideas and possibilities are endless. From additional bedrooms to theme rooms, kids’ playroom, to entertainment spaces, a basement renovation can transform your home, add value, and space.

bathroom –
relaxing space

Often one of the smallest rooms in your home, a great bathroom design can help you achieve your everyday needs with efficiency, or be a relaxing space to unwind after a long day. Not to be overlooked, a great bathroom, with ambient lighting and beautiful design touches can create a relaxing atmosphere right within your house.

other –

Wanting to update your flooring, or interior finishing? Or maybe you’re thinking of selling and need to refresh your place for best market value. We will listen, and work with you to realize your dreams.

Small –

Need to update your current office setting? Or maybe you’re upgrading to a new facility? We are happy to help you update, redesign, modernize or fix up the place so it’s move in ready when you are.